How To Post Your Piano Playing

The whole idea of this section is to motivate you get to your performance standard, whatever that might be. Work out what your motivation is, real or imagined.  Pretend you are playing to your favourite film star, or just to post on social media to your friends.

You mustn’t be shy about posting, comments aren’t possible, it’s about your own satisfaction. Although your performance will be listened to. By making a posting here you bring a piece to completion, although it can be a section of a piece too. It doesn’t matter if there are mistakes in your performance!

We want to listen to your playing and concentrate on the music so for now you can post sound recordings only, no videos. Get your phone, tablet or laptop and go to Voice Recorder. Put it on or near the piano and record your piano playing.   When done click on one of the links below to upload. I will listen and review it,  and then post it on the appropriate page.

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Having a problem uploading?                        Get some help in the forum by clicking on the link below

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You can get feedback on your posted pieces by going to the forum. Click on the link below

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