Welcome to the Desperate Pianist Website

This website is dedicated to you pianists out there who are desperate for success at the piano.

Whatever your reason might be, you have a great desire to play that special piece of music to a reasonable performance standard but cannot find a way of getting there.

This is the resource where you will find those ways of achieving your piano playing goals.

Start on a wonderful journey of discovery with Ben, Teddy and Donkey.

It’s going to take a lot time and effort, there’s no easy fix, but you will find the tools and techniques here.

Although there’s a lot of really good stuff for beginners, intermediate level pianists who desperately want to improve will get the most benefit.


Desperate Pianist Has Two Parts

  • The Desperate Pianist website where you can get the motivation and support you require. See below.
  • The Desperate Pianist YouTube  channel where there are learning videos that cover the topics of practice, performance, exercises, mistakes, memory and motivation. It’s worth having a good look at these before subscribing.

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Ben’s Weekly Lesson

Each lesson comprises a video of six parts, a music sheet and a quiz

What’s in the Video

  1. Detailed study of a piece chosen by the subscribers poll.
  2. A look at a musical performance from Youtube
  3. Feedback on questions and topics from the forum
  4. Ben’s Challenge
  5. A visit to Ben’s Finger Gym
  6. Relevant Scales & Arpeggios etc.

The first lesson can be viewed by anyone as a free sample, the second lesson becomes available on subscribing and then they are released weekly from the day of subscribing. 

There’s more about the Ben’s Weekly Lessons on the Weekly Lessons Page

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You Get To Shape The Content

The forum is a really important place to get up to date information on the content here and get help with your own problems

This is not a simple collection of videos, subscribers have a say in what they would like to see happening on the website.

Getting your pieces to performance standard is what it is all about,  motivate yourself to post them here.

Have A Look Around The Forum

Visit The Voting Page

Posting a Performance

Bonus Material On Subscribing

      When you subscribe you unlock a wealth of new material.

  • Another five teaching videos covering why we love music, creating music sheets and the structure of music.
  • Notes from the teaching videos. 14,000 words of helpful information.
  • Ben’s Complete Finger Gym template

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If You’re Going To Subscribe You Have To Be Prepared!

Watch this video to have all your kit ready so you can hit the ground running. Have the teaching videos from the YouTube channel for ready reference.



25% Discount for Early Adopters

€15.99 a month (normally €19.99), start or stop anytime 

€15.99 is approximately £14 or $18.50

This website is not fully functional at present as I have a new job playing in a hotel lobby! Got to practice the pieces for a bit. Send an email if you need any info, Ben

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